Castaluna: ‘women with size 44 are being ignored’

Interview with Nica Stapel, co founder of, a webshop that offers clothes from various labels from size 42 to 58. “We have created Castaluna to open op the possibilities of fashion to a broader public. In an ideal world, this would not be necessary, because all the mainstream fashion labels would cater to bigger sizes as well, but this is not that case at the moment, so that’s where we come in”.

That doesn’t mean she looks down on smaller sizes “saying that skinny women are anorexic is hurtful and stupid. I don’t see why comments like these are being made over and over again. I also don’t understand why a client base that makes up 30% of the customers (women with size 44 and up) are being ignored. Everyone, no matter the size, should be treated with respect and be given the same possibilities to make a choice. that should also be the case for the clothes they wear”.

Nica Stapel wishes people would see that it is only natural that bigger women want to wear nice clothes as well, and doesn’t understand why people have such strong reactions against that: “with all that is going on in our world today, you really think women trying to get fashion in their size is such an important issue to protest against?”

This video shows a healthy inbetweenie, who is happy with her body!

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