Chanel Metier’s d’Arts collection in Salzburg


“Gabrielle Chanel took an element and made it hers,” Karl Lagerfeld explained at the Chanel show.

The 11th annual Chanel Metier’s d’Arts collection. Held in the historic Schloss Leopoldskron, a stunning Rococo palace that provided the inspiration and setting for the 1965 Hollywood musical The Sound of Music.

Salzburg is more than just a magical destination for the house of Chanel, the city has historic relevance too. It was at the exclusive Mittersill Hotel in the 30s, just outside of Salzburg, where Gabrielle Chanel, inspired by the lift boy’s uniform – first realised her design for the iconic Chanel braid-trimmed jacket.

“She took an element and made it hers,” Karl Lagerfeld explained at the show. “She made something unique that you can identify in a second, without thinking for one second that it comes from Austria.”

The video inspired by the whole Sisi story. Cara Delevingne as Sisi, I don’t think she has this classic face. She looks a bit weird, a bit ‘cheap’ in this video, that’s my opinion. And Pharrell Williams as a lift boy… and later as Emperor Franz Joseph.






Check out the video ‘Reincarnation’ by Karl Lagerfeld ft. Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne & Géraldine Chaplin

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  • I did not like it that much, was aspecting something different, with first seeing the beautiful dresses and photos, and seeing the video, they kinda destroyed the history, and the irritating boy saying Sisi all the time made me turn of the sound.

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