‘Chinatown’ for Oyster magazine


Beautiful editorial… with an old china style touch!

Editorial ‘Chinatown’ Shot By Lily Cummings and styling by Paris Mitchell for Oyster magazine. The gorgeous models Georgia Pratt, Muse NYC, Tara Lynn, IMG. Damnnnnnn…. so GOOD! Great pictures, set and love the styling! Styled on an edgy way… finally… they show it’s possible… putting ‘clothes’ on these ladies… instead of always showing ‘plus size’ models in just lingerie.

Lilly is a ‘plus size’ model herself and knows as no other how it is pose. She shows fashion in different sizes and passion for inbetweenies. You can tell. Because her pictures show fashion, without noticing the size of the models. And this is how it should be! I hope to see more this kind of editorials in the future in magazines and and for brands!

Well done… Lily… hope to meet you and do an editorial together some day!

Oyster_Georgia _Pratt_tara_lyn3


Oyster_Georgia _Pratt_tara_lynn

Oyster_Georgia _Pratt_tara_lyn4

Oyster_Georgia _Pratt1

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