Christian Siriano spring 2018

Christian Siriano spring 2018 show was this weekend in NYC, during NYC fashion week and he did it again! Showing an amazing diversity… color, size and even gender… well, done Christian! Proud of all the inbetweenie models who were in the show! High five to you all… you blended in perfectly!

Christian Siriano made a strong collection filled with looks destined for awards shows, film premieres, and any event where there’s a red carpet.
“I wanted to make it powerful this Season and really give it to you,: he shared backstage post-show, though he admitted the events that transpired were spontaneous. “It was a feel-good moment—none of this was planned—but when Coco started, it just turned into everyone. Sometimes when the models are feeling the clothes, they just go for it.” Of course, Jones and Rocha weren’t the only surprises this season, adding genderless design into his repertoire with playful pieces that don’t require a pronoun, Siriano expanded his vision to include everyone.

And… do you know? It’s a bit of my dream, to visit the showroom of Christian Siriano and try some pieces of this collection, just curious how it will feel… a dress like that!

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