Completely in shape!



When it’s about lingerie I am very high maintenance! My outerwear is always very extreme, but when it comes to underwear I always wear very simple pieces, casual and almost boring!. I just love very simple shape bras.

Too many little decorations!
After introducing ourselves in the shop, the first thing I shout to my advicer: “ I don’t want underwear with too many little decorations!” while she is showing me some bra styles. And she looks at me with a big smile on her face.


The bra I fell in love with…. ‘a la folio’ is the name of it.

‘Moulin Rouge’
Then I see a bra in ‘Moulin Rouge’ style with a lot of ribbons and bow ties and even a large part with lace. This is not my style. I would never wear this. But Dominique has chosen this bra and in the color red! “Try this one”. This is the same I tell women when I give them styling advice. Trying doesn’t cost a thing. And you feel what it does. Well… okay.. I will try this bra, the cup has 3 parts. This shape of bra makes your breasts look natural and a little more pointed. And this makes you look slimmer. I am taking some selfies in the dressingroom, where the light is very beautiful by the way. I am getting more and more used to this bra and the shape. And I am even going to like this one! For once not a casual or simple pre formed bra. No this is a beautiful ‘Moulin Rouge’ kind of bra. Wow! A bra with sex-appeal! And I will also try the black version. I think the red is just a little too much for me! And the black fits perfectly and looks great on me!


Bridget Jones
Beside the bra I will also try some bottoms. The little panties are not high enough for me. And I think it’s a hard thing. Too low or too tight is never beautiful. Then Dominique shows me some shapewear panties. “Is this really my size?” I ask with some doubts. When she is gone, my adventure to try this one on starts. And finally it succeeds and I am very surprised I got into it! Wow! It makes me so much slimmer. Shapewear now-a-days are not the a-sexy grandma’s panties Bridget Jones was wearing. This one, Prima Donna Couture Shapewear, is very high and stops just under the bra. And this ensures for great shaping!

The high waist shape wear panties ‘couture’

Marie Antoinette and Sissi
While I am still that dressing room I can also try the shapewear dress. It was a little challenge to get into it. But, finally wearing it, you can see the results. A super shape! I am wearing the bra and the dress fits perfectly with it. There are little clips at the dress. So you can even fasten the bra to the dress, so it will not move and stays there perfectly. It’s very tight, but because of the fabric I can still breathe normally… It reminds me of Marie Antoinette and Sissi, how extreme their clothes must have felt. And now I understand more of why Coco Chanel stopped the era of corsets!


And this is the shape wear dress, ‘couture’

Two successes in one!
A mega sexy bra with all these little decorations and a fitting shapewear bottom. I was totally open minded and changed completely . Now I understand the smile of Dominique at the beginning of our meeting.
Not only a sexy feeling, my body feels lifted, like I did an extreme workout in the gym! Two successes in one! Woop-ti-doop!

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A very happy woman with sexy lingerie in her bags!

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