Confessions of a teenage wannabe model

Photography: Lekeux Events

A beautiful article of Clara Wilcox on Augustallure. About the confessions of a teenage wannabe model. “… they were interested but I would need to lose weight. The lady, very carefully, said there was nothing wrong with my size 12, six foot frame, but models had to fit the samples they were given.” “I was too big for the regular agencies and too small for the plus size. So, the dream got put to one side and I carried on enjoying me.”

Clara is a beautiful inbetweenie vintage inspired model started nearly two years ago. This after a chance meeting with Lynsey Lekeux at a Vintage Fair in her local town in the centre of England.
“Being a Sugabilly is great. What I love about the vintage ‘scene’ is that it is so accepting. Age and your dress size is just a number: personality, intelligence, style and uniqueness is celebrated! It is so important to me that the message of self acceptance and healthy body image is spread as wide and as far as it can.”
I must say, I really love pin ups and 50’s style, the time that women dared to be women and men were ‘real’ men!

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