Create this in plus size, please!!!!


The reason I started my blog, webiste, 3 years ago… was this: why do straight size labels stop at size 42 EU, 12 US? My opinion is that EVERY WOMAN in every SIZE has the RIGHT to look AMAZING! But why isn’t it as easy to find nice and fashionable clothes for women above a size 42 EU, 12 US? Straight size stops at this size and plus size starts at size 44 EU, 14 US. Most of the time these clothes are basics, casual and absolutely not fashionable.
I want to show with my website that you can LOOK amazing in every size. I want to inspire every woman in every size. And I want to show you when you are an average size woman, you don’t have to shop at plus size shops! No, you can go everywhere. Also try the straight size shops. Just look for the shape and not the size. But even I often see great items in a shop, not available in my size. Why is this? In my size , please.. I use this many times when I see the models on the runway of the big designer houses! Just extend the range of sizes… women in an average size want to shop designer stuff too.

And there is a size revolution going on… I feel so blessed for being a player in this revolution! There is an online movement that encourages retailers to make fashionable plus-size clothing available. Seeing more and more models in different sizes. We hear more and more opinions about women in different sizes and shapes. The fashion industry really has to wake up!

Sarah Chiwaya of Curvily, a fashion blog for women with curves, knows about style. Curvily also encourages positive body image and encourages her readers to wear whatever they like as long as they feel great.

She uses this hashtag in pictures of clothes, puts these on Instagram and says: create this in plus size, please!!!!



She has started a movement: #plussizeplease, to inform retailers about the unfair practices they employ while outfitting ‘straight sized’ customers and ignoring their curvy shoppers. While out browsing the racks, fashion-savvy plus-sized women are encouraged to snap a picture of any piece — be it dress, top, pants or swimwear — and tag or mention the retailer, requesting the item in plus sizes using the hashtag “plus size please.”

Results from Modcloth test: 5.000 American women ages 15-65 were surveyed. They discovered that 57 percent of those surveyed buy clothes in size 16 or larger. Despite these numbers, many stores only carry up to a size 12, with anything larger found online. Some will even hide their larger sizes in the stock rooms, unwilling to display them on the floor.

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