Curva mag: curvy is not a fashion size!


I just discovered this magazine


I just discovered this magazine: Curva Mag. Denise Bidot shines on the cover and an interview inside this online magazine. Photography: Anastasia Garcia. Amazing pictures and fantastic styling! In love with this blouse!

Curva is a magazine that celebrates curvy women of all sizes, with a strong passion for diversity across all boards, not just body image. They want women to love their bodies and not be pressurised by what the media portray to be ‘normal’. They want to spread a positive message when it comes to body image and want women to be body confident.

And yes… I totally agree their statement: “curvy is  a body shape, not a fashion size”
Curvy has nothing to do with a size, curvy doesn’t mean plus size!

I think this is how a ‘normal’ magazine should be. Women of all sizes, body confident…

I really believe in this magazine, the only thing I don’t like.. you have to buy the issues, you want to look inside. I understand you have to earn money, to pay your team, etc. But online I want to read these magazines for free. Now I am in doubt to take a subscription or not. I am very curious how the issues are.

This styling is amazing! This blouse… OMG


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