De social Club is talking about plus size models!


And there she’s again! The gorgeous Danielle van Grondelle… She was in Dutch tv show De Social Club on Friday evening and they had a topic about plus size models. Talking about being called a plus size model if you are an average size woman. Shall we call them just models and smaller size: minus models?

I disagree with what Bastiaan van Schaik says… he says the reader wants to see skinny models in the magazines, because otherwise they wouldn’t buy the magazines! This is wrong. Come on… if you only see this ‘one size’ of models you are used to it. The magazines should change… not the readers. I think when magazines will show size diversity, the readers will not even notice it directly. But it will be a great movement.

It’s the same as when plus size shop are filled with ugly clothes, 3/4 white leggings, square jeans jackets and skirts… people think it’s fashion, so they will buy it! NO WAY… the shops and the designers have to change… they have a big influence on the customer!

If you can understand Dutch, have a look at this video:

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