Dead foxy Jennifer Lopez

Winterseason in the Fashionscene has already started. Almost every designer on the runway has used fur in their collection.
I already was afraid about this ‘bloodtrend’. When I see real fur, I see blood and dead animals.
It’s everybody’s own decision to wear it or not. But a PUBLIC FIGURE, who’s a rolemodel for many (young) people?

Jennifer Lopez posed in a coat made of white fox pelts in the September issue of Vanity Fair.
She has been slammed by animal rights activists after being photographed wearing a white fox fur coat for this shoot, by photographer Mario Testino. Backstage Shoot Vanity Fair

A Dutch organisation started an AgainstFUR federation.
You can buy a bag. With this bag you can show the world you’re AGAINST FUR!
You can buy this on Bont voor Dieren Winkel
I suggest you to think twice when you’re going to buy real fur! Fur is not 2011 anymore!


  • I refuse to buy any fur, fake or not. foux fur is often mislabeled and is really from animals like dogs and cats..

  • I find it repulsive that she thinks she looks good. we do not live in the ice age anymore! this thing not only supports fox killing but dog, cat, and ferret killing for her “fashion” as well.. i hope someone skins her alive so she knows how it feels!

  • I saw this poor excuse for a human being on The Ellen Degeneres Show talking about how she might consider adopting a baby & giving him/her love. Really?!!?? She’s incapable of love, how many marriages? How many affairs? Worst of all how many defenseless creatures lie on her back. She’s a whore and a heartless monster!

  • jenny, what if a fox wears something made of your children’s skin. how would you feel then???

  • I hope you get skinned alive you vain bitch. you disgust me. exchanging LIVES for vanity? what the FUCK are you thinking?

  • I only see old ladies wearing fur the young have much more sence these days and faux fur is fabulous but these so called stars are a joke they will do anything to get noticed even poor old JLO give it up old girl you are joining the old set you neeed to keep warm poor dear

  • I was walking past some shops at sydney darling habour yesterday and couldn’t help but notice all the fluffy shoes, bags etc… I don’t know for sure if they r real fur but made me sick to think of how many people are buying and supporting this trade Without them even knowing how the item was made!!!
    This cruelty has to stop!!!!

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