Dear 2017, I am ready!


The end of year 2016…

‘Don’t look back in anger’
Wearing a vintage leather jacket, Zara blouse and skirt from Costes Fashion

Dear 2016, thanks for all the lessons.
Dear 2017, I am ready!


New year, new feels, new chances, new goals, same dreams, fresh starts!

Thank you, 2016… it was a beautiful year. A lot of new experiences, I became strong again! A lost of some great inspirators like David Bowie, Prince and George Michael. It can be over very fast! No time to waist, more energie for the next year!

New goals
2016 was a great year for size acceptance. The year of Ashley Graham.
For years I am working hard for size acceptance. Years I have been ‘fighting’ for this. But in 2017 I will work on this on a different way. I will not fight, I will treat it with love and passion. I will no longer discuss in public about too skinny, too fat, body shaming, making statements. I don’t want to have the negative feeling, the competition anymore. Personally I am already here for years, feeling strong and confident, I don’t have to proof myself and my opinion anymore. I will write articles about these subjects, I will show you my opinion. But I will no longer fight in public anymore. I am tired of doing that. I will be silent, I will smile… but I will notice and see everything.

Straight size
I will not only put the inbetweenies in the spotlight, I will show more straight size. I will show more real diversity. I believe when two islands” straight and plus, work together, beautiful things will happen. Keeping these 2 groups separate, they will never integrate, they will never accept each other. Still after 6 years, working on acceptance, I know truly believe in stop calling people plus or skinny. Drop the sizes, drop the plus!

Same dreams
I will not speak about plus size anymore. Because most of the women are plus, that’s ridiculous. I call all women in sizes 42 to 48 inbetweenies, I keep calling them this way. Because this is my term I totally believe in. It’s a state of mind. The word inbetweenie will disappear, when inbetweenies will be accepted in this fashion world.

I am still dreaming of making a documentary. A documentary, which I want to do already for 2 years. But still the time wasn’t ready yet. Probably 2017 will the year for this documentary. At least to start this.

New chances
I keep helping people to find their own style. Find their confidence. I will work in 2017 with beautiful platforms, brands. I hope to extend my public more and more.

Fresh starts
New articles, new subject and more bloggers on my website. More women who inspire me by their looks and the way they are. Straight and plus will go hand in hand.

I wish you all the best for 2017… a lot of love and health!

What are your goals or wishes for 2017?

Don’t look back, look forward…

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