Denying what size you really are?

Just saw this quote from Stacy London, an American fashion consultant: “Don’t get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a Sharpie, and write ‘6’ on the label.”

This really makes me soooooo angry! Why would you??? No one is looking INSIDE your clothes… That’s the most STUPID thing… denying what size you really are… come on… you’re making a fool of yourself.
Just accept your size and body… ! If you don’t feel happy, make changes so you will accept it. By losing weight or going to the gym! “fashion and beauty cannot be defined or stigmatised by a label with a number in the neck”


  • I interpreted Stacy’s message not as “size denial” but rather I think she is being flippant and saying the number on the back of your clothes doesn’t really matter, it’s the fit of the clothes that matter. With the crazy variations in sizing from store to store, no-one is a constant size between stores (or even between items of clothes in those stores).

  • I’ve heard her say that and couldn’t get it either. Why would you deny it? Lie to yourself? You have to options if you’re not happy with your size: make an effort to accept it or change it.
    What world we live in, where it is so unacceptable to be fat or plus-size, that we have to change the size on the label of our clothes, that like you said, no one will be seeing. Let’s evolve, please.

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