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Some time ago I went to a “Brand meets Blogger event” organized by It was a nice event, my match was with Shoeby. That was not a surprise for me… because I already wanted to do something together. I think a year and a half ago I already visited the shop in The Hague, my hometown. At the shop there was also a the Shoeby Atelier where you can customize your clothes, where you can have a workshop and there are even clothes produced over there! Laser works, art works and customized. Laser can be for leather, jeans. And art works can be your own design or you tell your idea to the art designers and they will design something for you.

From Shoeby I got 400 euro to spend at their shop. Such an amazing amount… , because the clothes are not really expensive! I choose items which I could customize, but also items which are already amazing how they are. I visited the shop two times. The first time I got an introduction and a guided tour in the shop. After the tour I got myself a lovely coffee at the Shoeby Cafe. That day is was very tropical in The city… a bit too warm too shop…. so the chocolate muffin, carrot cake and raw food cake I couldn’t eat it all… it was so tasteful… but a bit in a hurry and went shopping, picking the items which will fit me.

Madelon, me and Carmelle

At the shop you can also ask for a personal shopper. Madelon was my PS-er and she did a great job, I am a not easily to style. My style is difficult, at least my opinion about things is very outspoken! And also Carmelle was helping me, because she is a size 42/44 and knows which items/shapes work in our sizes!

In the end I have found amazing things! In total I got 9 items, like a lace top, a leopard sweater, striped cardigan-top, terra jacket, a pink bomber jacket and the 4 customized items, which you can see below and of course in the video!

Check this video, you can see the making off… (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!)

The sizing of Shoeby goes up to size XXL, which is a size 44 EU. So not everything fits me in the shop. That’s the reason why I have all tops or jackets. I have tried some jersey skirts, which fits me. So if you are a size 44/46, you can give it a try in this shop!

The result of the designs are really good… my favorite is the grey sweater.. which one is yours?

Look #1: the leopard sweat vest, combined with a Vogue shirt and jeans shorts, Primark

This was my design:

Look #2: grey sweater and shorts from H&M, hat is from Brixton

This was my design:

Look #3: the black giraffe shirt, little scarf from Marina Rinaldi and skirt, C&A

This was my design:

Look #4: Sailor top and jeans skirt, Zizzi

This was my design:

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