Detox and Reset-week: day 1


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week and OMG it was a big adventure!

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!

My reset week challenges:
• On holiday on my own for the first time in my life!
• No food, only juices
• 3 x sports a day!
• not being a fashionista
• No social media (digital detox)
• Rest and relax

Day 1
A very short and sleepless night. Around 3 am I already had to go to the airport. Sleepless, because I was a bit nervous. My whole adventure was finally going to start! And I am completely in their hands!
Check in and boarding went very well, I was searching for people who might be on the same holiday, but I didn’t see anyone. It was a very cold flight and I was a bit concerned because I couldn’t eat anything. I warm myself with the mint tea I ordered. That’s ok, right? I try to sleep a bit. In my head I am thinking I didn’t really prepare myself very well. Yesterday evening I was still eating a crème artichoke soup and some fries. I had to start eating less and less last week, but I didn’t.

Visa? Oh… I read something about it in my Health Holidays documents. I was already standing in line for passport control for half an hour. Then I asked a woman if you already needed this visum. Omg, I didn’t have it. Had to leave the line. I had to go to the visa desk and pay 25 euros. I didn’t had cash, so I tried my credit card, but I didn’t know my password. A lady escorted me through the customs to get outside. There was an ATM, so I could get some cash. Getting back inside was not that easy. The lady was told everywhere that she made a big mistake. And this was not the right way to handle to escort me outside. I felt very guilty, because she wanted to help me. I stayed very calm. Finally I got the visa and my stamps in my passport.


Transfer bus
Because it was already an hour ago when my plane landed, I quickly searched my luggage. I checked this at a desk and there was the lady who helped me. She was crying very hard on a chair.
Looking back to this adventure I noticed I stayed very calm in this situation. I can be very proud I have ‘survived’ this first adventure.
I had to go to my transfer bus as fast as possible. In the bus I saw a nice mix of different types of women of different ages.

The transfer was 2,5 hour from the airport to the hotel. We had a very short stop. What was really ironic: the bus driver parked the bus in front of the sign: ‘fastfood’. After the stop, the journey went on. I was searching for my apple somewhere in my bag. I bought this on the airport in Holland. I enjoyed this apple soooooo much! Took small bites… It was the last thing I ate. From now there would only be juices.


We arrived at Hotel Club Barbarossa and Henny (our hostess) welcomed us. There was a small welcome speech and the first fruit juice was a fact. After that I directly went to the pool for some refreshment. It was about 38 degrees, the water in the pool was not much less.


From the pool to the sea. It’s time for the 1st aquarobic class. We had to wear a foam belt, so I wouldn’t sink when I would be part of this water ballet. It went very well. The most important thing is not to swallow any water… it’s very salty.


Room with a view
After 45 minutes water workout, I survived the cramps in my legs. Honestly, I can’t remember I ever did a workout after eating only one apple and some fruit juice. There was some time to relax in my beautiful room with the perfect view!



Evening juice
After that it was time to enjoy the evening juice. The base is always cucumber and carrots and there will always be added 1 extra vegetable. This time it was courgette.



After this evening juice meeting, I went upstairs to my lovely balcony and sat there. During writing in my diary I hear the forks and knives from the people in the restaurant right next to me. They are enjoying their dinner and the beautiful sunset. And I am also enjoying the last thing. Sunset here is so beautiful. This is the end of the 1st detox reset day. I haven’t missed social media for a moment! Oh, wait! Yes, I did… to share the beautiful sunset with you!


• apple
• fruit juice
• evening juice: cucumber, carrot and courgette
• tea

Tomorrow I’ll write more about my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith

This is a selfie of day 1, will there be some changes at the end of the week?


  • Ik ben verleden jaar 8 dagen in Kas geweest, heerlijk. Het wandelen vond ik wel een crime al die hellingen, dat kennen we niet in ons platte Nederlandje. Maar het zwemmen (gym) en andere oefeningen, allemaal super, ik kwam met hoge bloeddruk en ging met keurige waarde weer naar Nederland en dat heb ik nog steeds, alleen mijn gewicht blijft een probleem. Eigen schuld hoor, elk pondje gaat door het mondje. Als ik weer zou gaan kies ik nogmaals voor Fuerte Ventura eigenlijk vanwege het wandelen zo langs de boulevard en de meestal roerige zee. (zonder hellingen) Volgens mij qua uitzicht had ik in Kas hetzelfde appartement als Edith, prachtig uitzicht. Ik heb totaal 4x een kuurtje gedaan, steeds ergens anders, maar ik kan het iedereen aanbevelen.

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