Detox and Reset-week: last day!


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week, read about my last day! Almost time to say cheers to this trip!

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!

Looking at myself in the mirror… just before my walk!

And then there was my last day! Waking up earlier than the alarmclock. I was very excited this day! I started very early with my morning walk. My speed was very fast and today I achieved my record of the week, I finished in 55 minutes! I enjoyed every step I made, loved the views and the music of Moby on my iPhone. There was even a cotton candy cloud. I was passing women who already started earlier. This felt amazing! Still some hills were still hard, but it felt good.

Feeling great during my walk!

Temptation to grab an apple from this tree….

Back at the hotel I really needed my towel. I was sweating all over. After going to my room to refresh I went downstairs for my lemon juice. Excited for the fruit juice. This time it was pear. And it was the last juice of the day! But it was very tasty!


The Result!
After the final juice, I went downstairs to the check out. Everything needed to be checked, my the blood pressure, heart beat and weight. Although it wasn’t my goal to lose weight, I was very surprised I lost 4,5 kilo in 8 days with three juices and three times sport a day.


Not only the 4,5 kilos were great, but I also noticed my new shape and what this detox holiday did to my skin. It is very clean and shiny. Detox is the new botox! I felt at least 5 years younger and full of energy! My health was excellent! WOW!

People told me my face looks so much slimmer, but I didn’t notice this. So I compared my face with the selfie in the beginning and I took the same pose and style in the end. See the difference!


First I was very sceptic, I thought I would never I would finish this week without eating. But I did it! I took notice that my social media addiction was stronger than the wish to eat. I was very proud of myself I had ‘survived’ this week. I did a lot of different kinds of sport and my body was very well shaped. My conclusion is.. if you really WANT something, you can do it! If you go for it, you will make it!

Kings meal
In the afternoon I went with Renee to Kaş and we had our first food again. I took a tomato, cucumber salad with some feta cheese. Taking my first bite of the salad again was so amazing! OMG, this tasted like a kings meal! Pure, fresh and fantastic! I couldn’t eat too much, but we had this lunch on a great location with the view on the labour. This moment was fantastic, a golden moment!

Perfect view for my ‘first meal’ after 8 days!

My ‘kings meal’

I didn’t want to go back to The Netherlands today, but we had to say goodbye to the hotel and go to the airport. We got a little bag with fruit, tomatoes, cucumber and some almonds to start with solid food again.

Don’t play with food… but as a clown I can play with tomatoes

After some hours of travelling we arrived again in The Netherlands. Back at home, back to reality… relaxed and with a lot of positive energy! I already want to plan a detox holiday for next year!

“Don’t want to leave Turkey….” are the words of ‘the princess of Carpets’…

• fruit juice: apple, orange, pear
• lunch: tomato, cucumber and feta cheese salad
• little food bag: cucumber, tomato and almonds
• water

This was my last day of my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith

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