Detox experience 2.0


Eating less? Losing weight? Being healthy?


Remember I was on a detox and sport trip, 2 years ago? Tomorrow I will do this trip again, but this time in Fuerteventura:’Detox experience 2.0′. What will be my goal? Eating less? Losing weight? Being healthy? You can figure it out while I am on my trip. I hope I can make a daily blog already there, I know the wifi is not always perfect on small islands. I really believe in detox, absolutely after my 1st experience. I think it’s great to give your intestines a holiday too. And not eating is not the hardest part.. 3 x sports every day… will be another challenge!


Every day I will make a video about my experience. The positive and the negative ones. The ups and downs…
This time, it will be different, because it will be a video diary. Real emotions. Are you following me?
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