Detox and Reset-week: day 2


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week, read about my 2nd day here:

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!

Day 2
Waking up by the alarm at 05:45 (read: time in the Netherlands 04:45) was not that bad after a 10 hour sleep. At 6.30 the morning walk starts. Before this I drank some mint tea, just to have something in my stomach. I was wearing a blouse and shorts, no sport outfit.


Walking all those stairs to the street, I am already exhausted and I am sweating all over. Because I had air conditioning in my room, I forgot about how hot it is outside. This will be a fantastic bykram walk. To get on the main road, we first had to deal with some very high and steep hills. Finally on the road our walk could start. During the walk the sun was rising behind the mountains and I was really enjoying this and the environment.


All these mountains. I really can feel my legs. I am totally not a walking type, but finally I could do it. I got my own tempo and I was already walking in front of the group. With my long legs, my tempo is higher than the others’. My face was sweating all over. I was very proud I did this 5,6 km walk in the morning without any food, just some mint tea. Only during the stretching I was a little dizzy. I went directly to my room to get a towel for wiping my face dry.

Pear love!
Time for a lemon water, to shrink your stomach in the morning! After half an hour we got our morning juice. This is already my favourite! Fruit juice, this time the 3rd fruit was pear. It was so good, it was like I was tasting banana.

Body shape
At 09:00 the body shape class started. I changed into a sport outfit. It took place at a very beautiful place in the hotel area. A platform with a great view at the sea and mountains. It was already very hot outside, so I was searching for a space with shadow. Doing everything in my own tempo, felt good. I was not all feeling sick or something else.



Time for the intake. A list with some information needs to be filled in. Blood pressure, weight, length, etc. And I really didn’t know my weight.
After standing on the scale, there was a little ticket with the results of fat, BMI, weight, etc. BMI I really don’t believe in. I should lose 27 kilos to have this ‘perfect’ weight for my height. Of course I would never do this. I would look anorexic or sick. No, thank you! My blood pressure was perfect!

After this all I lay on my bed for a bit and had some relaxing time. . I also had the ‘turbo drink’, which already was not my favourite. I went to the swimming pool to enjoy the sun and water. After this I lay on a sunbed nearby the sea. It was so nice. Completely relaxing. No stress at all.

Because the sea was too wild, at 16:30 we had aquarobic in the swimming pool. We had so much fun in the pool. And that makes it all so much easier, feeling great and laughing with the group!


During the evening juice, we had to introduce ourselves. Finally we knew who everyone is, what they are doing in their lives. And some even told the reason why they were here. Most of them were here to lose weight. Or for a new start. To work on themselves and feel more healthy and energetic!


And I felt good enough to join some girls to go visit Kaş. We took the local bus. I only felt my left leg. Had cramps all the time. That was the only thing, I didn’t feel dizzy or sick. I must admit I never thought I would feel this fit. But I am curious how the next days will be.

Back at the hotel, I took a herbal tea before sleeping. I wasn’t so tired as the day before. But I didn’t want to sleep too late, because my alarm will ring at 6 again! I hope I feel good tomorrow as well.

• fruit juice: apple, orange, pear
• turbo juice
• evening juice: cucumber, carrot, pepper
• herbal tea
• water

Tomorrow more about my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith

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  • Edith jealous of you, lovely relaxing there
    and it only gets more fun, and not hungry how is it possible.
    Success nice to read your experience, I'm going down again to Kas.
    Was there 3 years ago and then I also stopped smoking (60 a day) and still stopped with no problems.

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