Detox and Reset-week: day 4


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week, read about my 4th day!

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!


Feeling good
Again I am awake at 6 am. This time I wanted to walk alone in the morning. I was still feeling my left leg, but it was a lot better already. I decided to do just a short part of the route, not the complete tour. I went to the police office and back, this is a 35 minute walk. It was good to start again. During my walk, I was enjoying the view and nature. I took a lot of pictures. Arriving at the police office, their dog was already waiting for me and welcomed me. I did some stretching and went back to the hotel again. I really had to laugh when I saw the ‘watch out: walkers!’ sign. It felt very good and I was happy to join the schedule again!



I did not go to the toilet yet during this trip. This morning the fruit juice was mixed with plum. And this fruit should stimulate to go to the toilet. Plum flavour is amazing! Really… these fruit juices are those which I am really looking forward to!

At 9 am I was present at the Body Shape platform! And it was a good workout. A lot of combat and many movements. I couldn’t do everything because of my leg. Afterwards I felt very well and full of energy!

After a delightful shower and being ‘myself’ again, I went to the little village with Claudia and we took the water taxi to a beach at the opposite side. We stayed at the beach for a few hours, it was nice and relaxed. After I went into the water, I was laying on a sunbed with a bottle of cold herbal tea, which I brought with me. During the trip in the water taxi, we saw some huge turtles… wow! So amazing to see these beautiful animals. The sea on the trip back was not really quiet. I really had to focus on the horizon to not get sick.




Back in the hotel I joined the aqua jogging class. It was a small group, but it was doable. It’s always fun in the water. You work out, but you don’t have the feeling that you have to work that hard.

The colour of the evening juice is RED! This time beet is the 3rd vegetable in this juice. Not really my favourite, but it was not so bad that I couldn’t drink it. So I drank the whole glass. Even this is a challenge, finishing the glass. Haha… During the drinks, Henny (our hostess), tells about the vitamins of the 3rd vegetable. How healthy it is.

On the 4th day, it’s time to get the ‘green powder’, this is a laxative. You should drink it with a little bit of water. Next to the plum this stimulates as well to go to the toilet. Now you can make sure that everything is out of your intestines. It smells terrible. I had to take it with my nose closed and I even kept my eyes shut… waahhh! Now I hope it will work and it’s possible to go the toilet.


I went to my room and spent my leisure time reading and writing on my balcony with a great view. Enjoying my fennel tea and the sunset… more than this I don’t need!

• fruit juice: apple, orange, plum
• turbo juice: cucumber, tomato, basil
• evening juice: cucumber, carrot, beet
• herbal tea
• water

Tomorrow more about my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith

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