Detox and Reset-week: day 5


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week, read about my 5th day!

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!

Well well… the green ‘magic’ powder was working perfectly! I had to leave my bed several times in the night. Compared with a colon hydrotherapy this was very easy! Haha…I will spare you the details.

I decided not to go for the morning walk, because of this night and feeling very dizzy at 6 am. I was also afraid I had to go to the toilet during the walk, somewhere behind the bushes. While I am lying in my bed, I hear Henny (hostess) making the juices. I can’t wait to have my morning juice!


Weak moment
And then… there was the ‘weak moment’. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I remembered the Wi-Fi code. I decided to go online, it really felt like I was doing something I was not allowed to do. I was checking all social media, but I wasn’t active. I checked my email. There was a cool request, so it was good I was online! Otherwise I had missed it!

During the morning juice (it was pineapple) I was already wearing my sport outfit, but I wasn’t feeling well. I was really dizzy and weak. SO I decided not to do body shape. I spent my day at the sea on a bed in the shadow. It was great. I was sleeping a lot and relaxing. This was my ‘off day’. I also did some online activity. Oops!! This addiction was stronger than I thought. Even stronger than the desire to eat….


My stomach was not really ok, during the day. I just stayed calm and tried to focus on sleeping. The aqua jogging was in the sea, I decided not to join. This was really my ‘off day’.

Creating this little sunset painting

The 3rd vegetable of the evening juice was lettuce. I really couldn’t drink it. The taste was too heavy for me, but I got a tip from someone in the group. If you push the straw as far as you can, then you will taste less. And it worked! Yeah! I really need these juices, otherwise I will miss a lot of nutrients. Especially because I was feeling weak and dizzy today, I was very proud of myself that I drank the whole glass!

After the evening juice, I went downstairs with a nice herbal tea to enjoy the sunset on a bed. There was some nice music from the bar. I was really excited for tomorrow! I was looking forward to do the morning walk. I decided to start a bit earlier.. 6.15. My alarm will ring at 5.45!

Detox, the new botox? It’s very good for my skin!

• fruit juice: apple, orange, pineapple
• turbo juice: cucumber, tomato, basil
• evening juice: cucumber, carrot, lettuce
• herbal tea
• water

Tomorrow you’ll read more about my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith

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