Detox and Reset-week: day 6


I went to Kas, Turkey to have my detox week, read about my 6th day!

Last week I went to Club Barbarossa in Kas, Turkey with Health Holidays for 8 days. A detox and reset week. I wanted to show you and myself I can handle this challenge! My goal is absolutely not to lose weight. That should not be the reason people do detoxes. It’s meant to clean your body and to feel full of energy afterwards!

Day 6
Awake at 5 am. I didn’t sleep very well, but I am really into walking this morning! First steps to the road were already very heavy. “OMG… what am I doing?” went through my head. At 6.10 I was already walking. The first ascent was a heavy one. And I was puffing a lot. And then it was time for the real walk.

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It felt good. Music in my ears and the great view. It was still a bit dark outside and the temperature not too warm. I made a lot of pictures. It was a bit cloudy compared with all the beautiful days before. My walk was into the direction of the sun. The sunrise came behind some mountains and clouds. Beautiful! Great presents from mother nature…


After the lemon juice, it was time for the delicious fruit juice! This time the third fruit was nectarine and it was amazing!

The body shape was a good lesson. It was very easy for me and I felt great! I notice having a rest day yesterday, is amazing for today! I can do everything! Haha! I treated myself going to go shopping in town. SO I went to Kaş together with somebody from the group.

I went first to a little restaurant. I took a fruit ice drink with orange, peach and melon! It was so great to have an ice cold drink. I was drinking with a straw, I got this brain freeze!


I went to the boutique shops. I wanted to buy some bags or something else. Some accessories. And little presents for the group. I was so happy I could join some women who were there by car. So for the return journey I didn’t have to take the bus.


In the evening we had yellow pepper in our evening juice. The flavour was very nice. I suggested to do a little styling workshop. I wanted to give it as a little gift to all women, because they are doing great and working on their bodies. My motto: every woman deserves to look good! It felt good, the group enjoyed it… After that it was almost time to sleep.

• fruit juice: apple, orange, nectarine
• turbo juice: cucumber, tomato, basil
• evening juice: cucumber, carrot, yellow pepper
• herbal tea
• water

Tomorrow more about my reset adventure!
Kiss Edith


  • Hello Miss detox,
    This detox cure looks really great…
    If I understand well, you eat nothing, just juices? Right!
    I don’t need to lose weight needed
    as I’m’ healthy and fit…
    I need a break of everything in my life and I’ve got some holiday to take 🙂
    I’m happy to read you, as I leave some socials networks lately, start of new me, hihi
    I don’t need to lose weight needed, but a “new” started in my life, héhé
    can you give me more info? like about the price, booking, etc
    I really love all your “vintage” picture, all the time so true…
    Many tanks

    • Dear Maudeke,

      Thank you for your post. You only take fresh fruit and vegetable juices during our detox holiday. During the day you can take water and herbal tea as well. If you do not need / want to lose weight, we can make sure that you will get more juices per day, especially the fruit juice, so that you will not lose (a lot of) weight. Our holidays are also very nice for a new start in your life. You can find more information on our website If you would like the information in English, you can send me an e-mail ( and I will send you the information about the destinations, accommodation and prices in English per e-mail.

      If you have any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Kind regards,

      Nicole van der Sligte
      ApriOri Reizen B.V. / Health Holidays
      Tel. 0031 – 20 400 22 33

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