Didi shows size diversity!


Size diversity in a natural way.


Above Marthe (size 42 EU), shows that you can’t weigh beauty.

A brand I am working for as a stylist is DIDI and Suzanne Rensink makes the beautiful images. And Didi shows size diversity in a natural way! A straight size brand (sizes 34-46 EU, 4-16 US). Remember the campaign of Monki, they also showed size diversity. I always knew this brand was selling size 46 EU and the sizes are ‘real sizes’ and very inbetweenie-proof. In the past I shopped there and I knew I could find my size. Lately working for this brand as a stylist, I see so many cool items, I give it another try to shop there.

Great to see that a straight size is showing 2 different sizes, a size 36 and a size 42 EU, next to each other. This is what I am telling the fashion industry for years. Please… a size 42-44 EU model is not plus size. She can be used next to a size 36 EU. If there is more of size diversity in the straight size fashion industry, I think this is more a reflection of the reality.

Gorgeous Marthe (size 42 EU) next to the beautiful veroniek (size 36 EU) gives me a great feeling. And this brand has samples in sizes S and XL, so they can choose which size model they want to work with.








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