Disappointment by wrong info in media!


no… Louboutin DID NOT…

… choose Clementine Desseaux as ‘natural size’ model for their campaign! The article was on The Daily Mail, sites including Jezebel, Bustle, Huffington Post U.K., Fashionista, and countless more reported the same incorrect story. Included me… sorry for that… I was SO ENTHUSIASTIC!! A big step forward… but it wasn’t…

The video Clementine Desseaux posted five weeks ago features her smiling and flirting with the camera while wearing Louboutin’s lipstick. The clip was shared on Christian Louboutin’s Instagram page, last week, but it was never promoted as an official campaign. “Clémentine Desseaux was gifted a lipstick and she was so excited that she posted a video on her Instagram,” explains a rep for Christian Louboutin. “LouboutinWorld loved the clip and reposted, much like many other Instagram users’ content , lip or otherwise.” I read this on Refinery29 today! But it was a great statement of Clementine!

The same disappointment I had when the rumor was that Ashley Graham would be in Sports Illustrated… but it was just an advertisement from Swimsuitsforall. Do you remember? Also a statement and it was very trending on social media…


But… it’s an interesting ‘wake up call’ for all big (beauty) brands: why aren’t we seeing more brands casting plus women?
Clementine Desseaux: “Maybe brands don’t feel the need to change their imagery because their customer is already purchasing their product. “Challenge more brands to start thinking critically about the models they use to portray what is “beautiful.”

What I noticed is interesting… the ‘plus size’ is really ‘fighting’ and trying and doing hard there best and being very creative to be part of the ‘regular fashion industry… every time there’s a interaction between the ‘regular fashion industry’ and an average size or plus size woman… the world is putting it in a spotlight… I am doing the same… but in the end, it should be ‘normal’ and not an exception … let’s see what 2016 will bring us.

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