Diversity in Fashion!

This article in Dutch newspaper Sp!ts is about all sizes on the runway. Among others I was interviewed for the article.
A diversity in sizes will show the new fashion! This is my goal.
It’s my purpose to realize a high end fashion runway in october of this year!

Unfortunately the article is in Dutch.


  • Hi Edith.
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your promotion of the inbetweenies as I myself dream to be a size 14 model. I have not followed my dream Los as I though I would get turned down from agencies for being to big and not skinny. Now with inspiration from stylists like you and models like Robyn Lawley I truly am inspired to make my way to the top as a plus model 🙂 one day I hope to feature in your blog. Would love to chat more to you also my sister is studying to be a fashion designer and I can’t wait to tell her about you! Would live to hear back and any tips would be greatly appreciated you can also check out some of my modeling work that I have done for fun on my Facebook page. Yours sincerely Miranda.

    • hi, Thanx so much! And it makes me so happy I can inspire you! And of course you can be on the ‘real inbetweenies’ page! Send me 3 pictures where I can see your own style and a nice portrait! edith@dandp.nl
      See you mail soon!

  • Dear Edith,

    I am a stylist from Holland and I was so surprised to see the article in Spits! and later your blogs and website!
    Finally is there is not only words that the fashion industry has to be more released for big sizes but also the action!!
    I like it the way you promote, no matter what body/size you have YOU CAN LOOK BEAUTIFUL!
    In our jobs as a stylist I see en hear so many woman speak and think unsecure about themselves because they have not size 0!
    Looking good has nothing to do with size or figure or age! Everybody can look good! When they wear the ‘right’clothes that fits with their personality and figure they can look great and have a great apperance!!
    My goal is to help so many people as possible to look great no matter the size or figure!!

    It would be fantastic to have a site like yours in the Netherlands so that the dutch woman also can read en see what nice clothes they can wear and feel BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT!

    You must be a very busy woman but nevertheless I would like to ask you if you want to speak or mail with me. Why?
    1. you are very inspiring to me and
    2. I think we have the same goal in common.. ‘That every woman no matter what size can look beautiful!’
    Ik hope to hear from you… I follow you on twitter and mine twittername is @kledingstyliste W: http://www.styleforyou.nl

    Thanks in advance en keep up doing the great work!!!

    Astrid from Holland

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