Glassbook: Do people even know what is real?


What a fantastic statement! Michael Donovon is a fashion, portrait, editorial, and art photographer and artist based in New York City: “This series tries to force the viewer to evaluate truth vs vision and question what they find beautiful.”
It talks about the discussion on too much photoshop, models judged too be too fat or too skinny. This team shows that a real (average size) woman with a real body is gorgeous! This editorial is published in Glassbook, next to straight size models stories. And that’s amazing!

I am the lucky one, I have worked with inbetweenie model Jessica Lewis in NYC. And she is the model in the story! She’s a size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US. She has worked years as a straight size model and accepted her body changed, so she changed to work as a ‘plus size‘ model. Hope to see these kinds of teams more and more, working with different size models!







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