“Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?”

An article on plus-size-tall.com made me really upset! “Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?” That is what the organization National Action Against Obesity think. OMG… it’s about time there will be ‘young fashion’ in larger sizes. Especially girls in their puberty, are struggling with sizes. I already wrote an article about this issue: Younger fashion for the ‘inbetweenies’!
“And when everybody else has fashion, you should, too.” A great quote of plus size model, author and campaigner Emme.

Forever 21, Asos Curve, Carma Koma, 17sundays, Veto jeans and Zizzi already have a young looking collection. But where are the others? Specially in the younger group of inbetweenies and plus size there is a BIG need for clothes in their size. A lot of brands, specialized in plus size have a ‘too mature look’. These teenage girls don’t want to look like their mum! HAHA time enough for that! No, they want fashion, girly stuff and clothes even their style icons or idols would wear! But in their size!
And another thing, not only teenagers want to have ‘young looking clothes’. Even grown up inbetweenies are shouting for some cool stuff! I think fashion and young can go together! This group wants fashion in their size!

This campaign from Forever21 with Tara Lynn…

Valerie and Denise for Zizzi


  • This kind of fat shaming infuriates me.

    This attitude is EXACTLY why we left our full time jobs with denim street wear labels to focus on building a brand like 17 Sundays.

    The whole point of 17 is about empowerment at a young age, giving girls the confidence to connect with their bodies, learn how to style themselves on trend or fashion forward and radiate self esteem from the inside out.

    Not every girl in the world will be rack size and why the F should they be?

    Plus size youth fashion is about taking the power back from the fat shaming BMI police and allowing girls find their confidence again.

    Its literally as simple as that.

    Fashion brands are merely there to allow women to feel good about them selves for a moment in time,whether its plus or regular size.

    There is no conspiracy theory in place to ensure a certain demographic is tricked into becoming ‘obese’ to stroke the bottom line of a business.

    In fact I will donate the profits of my AW12 season to charity the second I hear a young girl say OMG I really need to eat a heap of pies and KFC so I can get big enough to fit into a 17 Sundays dress.

    Archaic, dangerous and ridiculous

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