Do you have the ‘bikini-guts’?


Yes… I already mentioned many times… I am the whole year bikini proof. And I am very proud of my body and have the ‘bikini-guts’. Wrote about in an article about buying my bikini! Dutch magazine VIVA is looking for women in size 46 EU, 16 US and larger who are proud to wear a bikini. Viva is looking for ‘real women’, no models for the article: ‘real women in bikini’. In the past they already had some amazing shoots with gorgeous women in different sizes.

Are you between 25-40 years old? Mail with a picture to
The photoshoot will take place on 6 June. Picture above is the gorgeous Candice Huffine, her bikini is from swimsuitsforall. This picture is from last years collection.

Denise Bidot:

Gabi Fresh:


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