Doing the white ‘natural’ milk moustache!


You might not be used to read about food on my blog. But as you might know, I promote a healthy lifestyle. I really believe in being healthy at every size. And of course food has to do with this! I only drink milk in my cafe latte! I am addicted to this kind of coffee. I like my drinks not too sweet. I just tried this new ‘natural’ milk drink of Optimel Pure and I must say, this is not too sweet, but sweeted naturally by the fruits themselves.

It comes in 3 different flavours: red fruits, peach and orange. It reminds me of drinking butter milk with a little fruit syrup in it! Brings back memories! It was my mothers favorite drink! Just love to make these funny pictures and being a young child again… creating a white ‘natural’ milk moustache! I look like Salvador Dali! Girls out there! Just enjoy your moments and have fun! Food should also be a fun part… now it was this ‘natural’ milk drink, next time it can be chocolate or a nice cocktail! haha…
But as a lady… I am always happy to clean my face again…