Don’t cover these knees anymore!


Getting this question all the time: “I hate my knees, they are so ugly. I don’t know what to wear during summer. What’s the way to hide them?” My answer is that knees are one of the most ugly parts of your body! Everyone has ugly knees. Even top models, celebrities. So you just have to embrace them and don’t cover them anymore. Especially now in summer, when the weather is great and warm.

Please, to all of you who are afraid of showing your legs and knees: don’t choose 3/4 leggings or capri trousers. These make you look short. And when you look short, you will look larger. Something ‘we’ don’t want.
My tip: “I don’t care, I love it!” Haha…

Check these women, whose knees are no beauties at all! Maybe only Beyonce has some ‘better looking’ ones, but that’s my opinion. Maybe knees are looking better when they are not too skinny? I don’t know.. even trained ones are no beauties!


  • Ehhh, I never had any opinion about my knees at all. Never ever considered the idea that they coul be ugly. And frankly I never heard anybody else complain about their knees.

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