Dutch bloggers size-line up


All Dutchies and 1 from Belgium in 1 size line!

Readers want to recognize themselves in bloggers. People are always discussing about the sizes. Want to compare the sizes of women with other women. And now Els from xl fashion file made this great size-line up with all Dutch plus size bloggers. Now you can see what size and height does. Me, being 181m tall and a size 44-46 EU, 14-16 US, look very skinny… haha!

All Dutch bloggers and 1 from Belgium: from smallest height to the tallest. I will be in the last graphic. So on the pictures you can’t always tell what size someone is. Only when another one is next to this one. You can compare.

Many times I get to hear, but you look ‘normal size’. I am really a size 44-46.. Long arms, long legs. I always have to convince people I am not a ‘small size’ woman. In a picture I do look slim.. but in real you will understand! When you compare me with another blogger with the same size, I look slimmer because of my length.

That’s very important, when you look taller, you will look slimmer. That’s my philosophy about styling. I will make you look optical taller… so you will look optical smaller. With the right clothes in the right lengths and the right shapes!

Don’t forget… women come in different sizes, different shapes and have different styles! Diversity rules!


1.70-1.76 m

1.78-1.85 m

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