Elena Mirò: size is no longer a taboo

OMG…. getting these GREAT pictures of one of my favorite brands; Elena Mirò. They chose Lauren McKenzie (size 42), from FORD+ as the model for this campaign. One of the most enchanting top curvy models of the moment. Photography by Javier Vallhonrat.
The distinctive, unique creative idea and concept: the background, caressed by hands emerging from the back-drop to create a powerful effect blending irony, glamour and sensuality.

The highlighting of the curvy figure and of the beauty of all those women from size 44 EU and up who are proud of their curves is a positive, sensual message packed with glamour content. “Size is no longer a taboo, and dressing with style and taste is possible whatever it may be”. For.me Elena Mirò was created with this very purpose in mind.

These pictures look so great! It looks very ‘high end’ and can compete the ‘regular size’ brands. 20th February Elena Mirò will show their winter collection in Milan, during Milan fashion Week. The “runway of the future“, as I always call their shows. Models in sizes 38 to 42 are on the catwalk. I think this is a great way to show size diversity. It would be a dream come true to visit their show and sit in the front row! LOL.
And I totally agree: “size is no longer a taboo”. I think this is the best quote I’ve heard in a long time…

Check out the video on Vogue.it Curvy.




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