Embrace the beautiful diversity of plus-size women!


Curvy. Above average. Fiercely real. Full-figured. Big and Beautiful. Voluptuous…there are so many ways to describe a plus size woman! And I’m not even talking about the average size… the inbetweenies. Every woman above a size 40 EU, 10 US is plus size.

On Addition Elle there’s an article about this issue: ‘what is plus size?’
‘Plus size’ includes a range of shapes and sizes. Some women are short, some are tall, some have wide hips, some have straight hips, some have larger busts, some have smaller busts…but regardless of their features, they have one thing in common. Style isn’t limited by size is their slogan and this is the same as mine!

On the picture above are showed Tanesha, Gabi, Tara, Kris, Nadia and me. Bloggers and models in different sizes and heights.

Do you know how many times I get the comment: but you are not plus size! Yes I am and no… I am not… I am an inbetweenie. I am 5’11 tall and a size 44-46 EU. Larger than a size 40 EU, so yes… I am bigger than straight size. In Holland 57 % of 18 years and older is a size 42 EU, 12 US. And 40 % is a size 44 EU, 14 US. In the UK and US a size 46 EU, 16 US is the average size. So… The in-between sizes group is the largest of all. 42-48. And why on earth is it still hard to find clothes? Do average size women have to shop in plus size shops?

Here some ‘plus size women’ on social media or models, so you can compare these women… in different lengths and sizes!


I am done with the endless size discussion… wrote about it many times. And as long as the plus size women don’t accept each other this will not end… And I agree with Additon Elle: “Before commenting that ‘she’s not really plus size,’ ask yourself why are you judging another woman’s body? Who made you the judge of plus size?”

And this is the best message there is at the moment: ‘Embrace the beautiful diversity of (plus-size) women!’ And even better is to embrace every woman in every size, diversity is the best thing to tell the world!

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