Plus size bloggers for Evans!


In Evans’ new campaign this time not top models Robyn Lawley or Tara Lynn. But they have chosen for bloggers and plus size fashionista’s. Do you remember the article ‘Big fat fashion statement’?
From the left to the right: Georgina Horne (size 46 EU, 18 UK), Callie Thorpe (size 46-48 EU, 18-50 UK), Nicolette Mason (size 50-52 EU, 22-24 UK), Bethany Rutter (size 44-46 EU, 16-18 UK) and Marie Denee (size 48-50 EU, 20-22 UK). All gorgeous girls showing the new collection of Clements Ribeiro.
There’s only 1 thing: I am missing a blond girl!! LOL

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