EveryBODY is gorgeous!


A diversity of shapes, sizes and ethnicities


A powerful print and digital advertising campaign shot by photographer Norbert Schooner for Selfridges will support EveryBODY. Choreographed by Wayne Mc Gregor, the campaign represents the ‘every-woman’ via a broad selection of shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The use of a choreographer reinforces the aim of the advertising campaign to present an arresting and unexpected neoclassical way to demonstrate the beauty of the female body whatever its shape.

Mahalia Handley is an inbetweenie model from Bridgemodels and she is in the latest campaign with Selfridges! A few questions for her.

1. How do you feel to be part of the Selfridges Body Studio campaign? I feel empowered and courageous. I am extremely proud to be in a campaign that is breaking down barriers and showcasing different body shapes and ethnicity. It’s a very strong message of unity to all women.
2. Was it fun to shoot? Selfridges were an amazing client to work with, their creative view and expression really came to life and it was a great experience for myself and the other models on set. The lead up to the shoot
involved various training techniques which paid off so on the shoot the quality of work and message
of the campaign really came through and I hope that others are able to view this too.

3. Selfridges say that “The Body Studio, will celebrate the new female; her strength, her confidence
and her body.” What are your thoughts on that?
I strongly support this motto, a campaign and a brand that celebrates the body, the female anatomy and welcomes every type of body shape is what we have all been waiting for. I think that women will feel empowered, sexy, and confident in what they find at the body studio. There is literally
something for every individual and that’s the beauty of it. I think it’s going to redefine the way
women shop for their body’s.


4. What’s it like to be in the window of Selfridges on Oxford Street? It’s a fantastic career achievement and I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the window display for the first time! It’s not just a personal win for me, I feel like it’s a win for real women being represented in the media. Looking to the future I hope young girls will grow up seeing more women being displayed in the media as confident and proud of their bodies so they feel confident about who they are as a person and a woman.

5. As a curve model did you ever think you would be the face for such and iconic brand and campaign? You can only dream that you will be given the opportunity to have such a platform given to you as a curve model. As an advocate for diversity and body positivity I am very proud that a campaign such as this will be in the mainstream media. I’m extremely excited to see what influence this campaign will have.

6. Is The Body Studio something that appeals to you as a woman? Yes. Knowing that I could go to one place that welcomes every body is a huge factor to me and to many of my friends and women I know. There is a massive range of products available in one place, the clothing has sustainability and there is the added bonus of affordable ranges and all of the
clothes fit well, structurally they perform well and they look amazing. It’s a one stop shopping spot. in EveryBody campaign

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