‘Too extreme’ to be a fashion model


My opinion about Tess Munster and her professional modeling contract.

There’s a lot to do about Tess Munster (size 52 EU, 22 US and 1.65m tall) and her modeling contract with Milk Models. Tess: “yeah, I’m fat, but I’m also all the good things that I am.”

Many media have already shared their opinion about this item. Dutch Amayzine says: fat models are as unhealthy as the skinny ones! Showing a size 52 EU, 22 US is as bad as showing a too skinny size zero. Promoting unhealthy looks should not be in fashion. All the argues about: ‘men want curves, not bones’ And on the other side: we don’t want to see fat women. Promoting anorexic or obesity are both not good. These are unhealthy body goals.
I believe in ‘natural size’… and every model can be her natural size and I would love to see a diversity of these models!

Tess was a guest at CNN, to talk about her contract with Milk Models. Tess Holliday is the first model of her size and height to sign with a major agency. ” Tess: I am happy, I am healthy, I am living my dream!” Check out the short interview HERE!

Now it’s my turn…. this is how I see this whole discussion…
I think there’s a great size revolution going on right now, I am proud to be also a player in this! I want to show I look good, feel great and want to show this to the world. Together with all other gorgeous women out there. In different sizes, colors and ages. And seeing that big influencers get collaborations with brands, is something I really support a lot! Because they are the idols, the influencers, the inspirators for many women in the world. You can be whatever you want, look the way you want… and be proud! Absolutely. Seeing Gaby Fresh, Nicolette Mason, Marie Denee, Nadia Aboulhosn and of course Tess Munster having great collaborations. And that’s the power of social media.
You can compare these influencers with celebrities. Celebrities also have a huge group of followers. And yes, these bloggers already made it to this ‘celebrity level’.

BUT….. models are a totally different thing. fashion is all about dreams and illusion. And models are also ‘a dream’. They are an illusion. They are better looking than the average people on the street. They have the talent to shine on pictures. Now a days, even models get booked by the about of instagram followers. For example Cara Delevingne. Not the standard models, she looks a bit different… is a bit crazy and really funny! But if she was not having the model sizes, it would have been a different story. There are always exceptions, like Kate Moss for example is only 1.73m.

Tess is really gorgeous, you can see on this picture!

Now, Tess Munster is going to work as a professional plus size model. In the plus size industry, we see models in sizes 42, 44, 46 EU at least 175m tall, in the campaigns. The main reason is because of the samples sizes. But the brands can also work with a larger sample size, it’s their own choice!
The smallest sizes in the plus size world. But exactly they are not really plus size. They represent the average size women. These models should be integrate in the straight size fashion. The plus size labels can show ‘real plus size’ models in their campaigns. And women like Tess can work as professional models. And their should not be a minimal length. I am pro this change. Showing models in at least a size 48 EU in the plus see fashion. because from size 48 EU, I call women plus size. Smaller than this size, these are average size women and belong to the straight size fashion.
Otherwise we can offer Rebel Wilson, Adele and Oprah also a contract at a model agency. Great influencers with a huge group of followers. And than we can skip the title ‘model’?

Trying some ‘real fashion’ is not really her thing

I believe in ‘natural size’. Have the body and weight which is natural yours. My opinion is also that a size 52 EU, is maybe also a small group of women compared with the models on the runway, size zero. Always the extremes… we have seen this earlier. Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier. Just showing a personality… for the ‘shock’ effect! The thing what makes me a bit afraid, is now the ‘high end’ fashion industry is confirmed again seeing a fat plus size model as a statement! This effect is just for a moment. Because I want to see slowly changing the fashion industry having size diversity in a natural flow. Without having extremes… and no more shocking…

Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier on the runway in his show in 2010


My opinion on Dutch Radio 2 last friday, unfortunately in Dutch:

Tess is not really a ‘neutral’ model. She’s very outspoken. And a real personality. That’s for me the main reason I don’t see her as a professional model. She has her own style and you can’t change her a lot to give a different style. She is more a casting model. Nothing wrong with this, by the way! Type casting you see all the time! Models should be chameleons, transformed in every kind of woman the client or brand want them be!

Here you can see her, in her own style and she really looks great in this!

Anyway… I love all this attention for showing size diversity… and that’s good.. Tess, you go girl and live your dream!

What you think about this item? Leave a comment….

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