Fashion Crime Forever!!!

An article about wearing a 3/4 white legging on fashionunited. I don’t know if women from outside the Netherlands recognize this fashion crime? But over here A LOT OF women think this is normal. Please women, have the guts to wear their ‘square jeans skirt’ without a white legging. They even wear it in combination of everything. As a stylist I tell you: this legging doesn’t do anything for you, on the contrary… it makes it worse! Not only the color white, but also the length: it makes you shorter! And this is a rule for everyBODY… not only sizes starting from 42 and up…
Jeroen Bosman (28 years) even started a facebookpage: STOP THE 3/4 WHITE LEGGING NOW. And in 1 day, already 3000 likers!
I have already written about the forbidden fashion list on other blogs! Soon more on my blog…


  • Well……I’ve got a problem then.
    I can understand the white ones, although I do own a pair and where them with a dress, but does this go for other colours as well?

    I’m a size 52. I loooooooooove dresses and skirts but my inner thighs shafe, so I wear leggings. They even hide my blue veines and everything!
    Yes, I do own a pair of magic knickers (essentail undergarment), but there are days that I want to wear something a bit more covering. So what should I do, if leggings are a no-no?

    By the way, if they are such a no-no why are they still available almost everywhere? Especially in plus size?

    • I wear leggings a lot, but always the long ones. And in black. The short leggings makes you look shorter. And white doesn’t make you look better! Yes, they are in every shop, it should be forbidden… There are even more items which not be sold in plus size anymore… soon more!

  • O well i so agree with this, i know so many women and teenage girls who think this is a more chic version of wearing only a skirt. In my opinion leggings in any color are a fashion crime under a short skirt or a short.

    Leggings are made for winter, when its so freezing cold that you cant weare anything else under your dress.

  • you know that I say what I think….well, I think leggings, any type, lenght or material, even jeggins, should be banned after the age of 25. I cannot stand them although I do have a pair of jeggins (wore just twice).

    despite the size, I think this is not a piece of clothes. If someone does not want to go bare legs, should be putting on a pair of tights! :-)))

    well, just my view.
    and btw, in Italy many, many women all age and size are wearing them. and we should be a stylish contry. thumb down!!

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