1. Fashion Doctor: introduction


You can call me the fashion doctor!

Last weeks I were very busy with style advice events at shops in The Netherlands like Marks and Spencer, C&A and this saturday at V&D. And the thing I noticed the most, women really have no idea what their body types are. How to dress them self the best with their shape. Or how to get the body in ‘balance’ by choosing clothes the right shape. It’s not they don’t want to. No, they just don’t know how to do it!

I worked with a lot of models and not models in different sizes, colors and ages. This made me realize that every woman is beautiful.
 And every woman has the right to look good! I don’t believe in ‘make overs’ anymore. I believe in the ‘better version’ of yourself. With a few tips and some ‘fine tuning’ it will already be a great result!

I think it is important that a person wears whatever he or she feels comfortable wearing. Clothes are there to make you look better! Clothing shows who you are and can be used to show off your personality. That is why it is so important that the whole image fits! Not only important is that you wear the right colour and dress for your body type, but also that the whole image fits: personal branding! ‘Dare to be noticed’ and make yourself visible!

I thought with so much social media, blogs, inspiration, and help… people know what to wear. But no, there are so many questions, doubts, etc. That’s why I decided to start with a new series of style advice: Fashion Doctor. Every week I will explain how to ‘shape’ your body with the right type of clothes. I will explain about body types, lengths, optical lines, etc.

No more diets, I can make you look losing weight with the right clothes! No medicine or other pills… I give you a life time recipe: “fashion is fun and can make you look amazing!”

If YOU have a question. You struggle with something. Your shape, size, style…. send me an email: edith@stylehasnosize.com and hopefully I can help you feeling better about yourself! Hope to hear from YOU!
The Fashion Doctor!

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