‘Fashion’ for real people?!?

The average woman in Amerika is a size 14 (US)! I do NOT call women in this size PLUSSIZE, they are inbetweenies!
But why is it that inbetweenies still can’t shop really fashionable clothes??? CBS claims:”Lane Bryant, Old Navy and Banana Republic are making plussize as fashionable as ever”. But they make clothes for full figured women, not for the average women. And I still think it looks too plussize. The straight fashion should go up more: with larger sizes instead of stopping at a size 14. In this CBS News video they’re talking about the plus size clothing labels making beautiful. Sorry, but these clothes are nice and timeless, but not trendy! I am waiting for the really trendy, young clothes in bigger sizes! There are online shops like Asoswhere you can shop nice trendy stuff for curvy women!
See picture below: trendy asos on the left vs conservative Lane Bryant on the right!

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