Fashion has no size!!!


Do you want to see my adventure in Copenhagen and the new Zizzi collection?

‘Fashion has no size’ was the theme of this years Zizzi fashionshow in Copenhagen. They could have called it: “fashion has all sizes”, even better. This one is nice… looks very similar, if you know what I mean! LOL

I was invited by Zizzi to come to Copenhagen, I joined the plus size bloggers event in the afternoon and the runway show in the evening. And wow! It was amazing! At the bloggers event in the afternoon, we saw a presentation on the whole new collection. They showed their regular one, with different styles. And then.. there it was! The ‘plus size orgasm’. The collection with the ‘WOW’ factor. And this collection is called WOW! I don’t even know how many times I said “WOW”, I WANT THIS” or “FINALLY”. Finally… a collection which is on trend and is really fashionable.

The show was very professional… a show which could have been at every fashion week. Finally… a show for plus size fashion on a high level.. all good and profi models in different sizes! No ‘shock’ effect anymore. No… a good show with good models, good fitted clothes! well done, Zizzi… proud of you!!

In the show there were different styles: romance in pastel, sporty luxe and feminine chic.
What are your favorites? Leave a comment!

You can see the whole show in this video:

The designers Femmes Regionales for the WOW collection

Together with the girls from Femmes Regionales

Wearing a set from the WOW collection.

With the gorgeous Catarina from MegaBambi

In the taxi going back to the hotel with some nice Zizzi items!

Backstage with Dutch model Janneke and Belgium model Stephanie!

From left to right: Stephanie, Edith, Janneke and Sharon

With the gorgeous Danish model Camilla Hansen

Backstage fun!

Can you see me on the front row on the right? Busy with my phone… of course!

The WOW collection!

Sporty influences with Denise Bidot


Beautiful pastels… in love with the skirt on the left!


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