Fashion TV: River Island +


Check my first ‘Fashion TV’!

It’s my first and it’s a bit long: 11.21 minutes, but I hope you will like it anyway and you stay interested!
The video is about the new collection from River Island +.
The collection is only available online. That’s why I what to tell you a bit about my items, my experience about the fabrics and sizes.

Please, let me know what you think of this video..
I hope to make a video every week…

I speak Dutch in this video, but check the subtitles, so everyone can understand it

River Island Dames

Candice Huffine wearing it

I am wearing the same outfit

Candice Huffine wearing it

I am wearing the same outfit


  • bedankt voor je informatie, heel eigen en niet geforceerd……wel een puntje is het geluid…..dat a.j.b. gelijk afstemmen….muziek komt er ineens keihard door…dat op gelijk niveau van spraak zetten,,,,fijn weekend

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