Fashionchick: every day a look!


‘rock that mom jeans!’



Today Fashionchick published ‘elke dag een look’/’every day a look’! A few weeks ago we had the photoshoot and the video.
Wearing a mom jeans, guns n’ roses shirt and a red leather jacket. I was a terrible rainy and cold day in Amsterdam. After a long walk, we took the pictures. I like the outfit, but now when I see the make up, I shouldn’t have done the fake lashes.. a little too much… haha! Maybe because I am not used to it!

Wearing band shirts, is very hot now! But I only will wear shirts of bands, I really like. For example: I love the shirt of ACDC, but really hate this music.. so I will never wear it. Guns N’ Roses.. I was a big fan in the 90s and Love these shirts..

A very rainy day in amsterdam

I am not only on their website and youtube. I also will be on Dutch tv tonight: 17:45u, 21:15u, 00:00u en 01:00u on Net5. Soooo cool!


‘Such fun’ (too much fake lashes)

Check this video:

I love this kind of shirts, and yes: I love guns N’ roses, I was a big fan in the 90s!

Shoulder bag and statement glasses

fishnet socks and silver loafers!

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