A Strip of 4 frames of 35mm Negative Film, Isolated With Clipping Paths for Outline and Frame

Same item, different look!

We have a lot of things in common: we are both fashionstylists, graphic designers and fashion bloggers (we even drive the same car). The name FASHIONTWINS is born! But different about us is our body types, size and style. To show you, how these same pieces look like on different body’s we started this series. And we looooove size diversity!

Photos: Simone van Rees


Fashion is fun!
Fashion is fun and we show how it looks on different body types. I am tall, 1.81, and wear a size 44-46 EU, 14-16 US. Els is 1.73 and wears a size 48-50 EU, 18-20 US.
Hope you enjoy and don’t forget: fashion is fun, forget the rules and wear what you like and remember: style has no size!


This is the last look for this series… I hope to have soon more! We are bothe wearing the same dress from Asos curve. I have combined it with boots from MArina Rinaldi and Els is wearing sandal-boots from H&M.


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