Fat is not fashion!

I don’t call myself FAT, I am a real INBETWEENIE!

Fat is not fashion; that’s my opinion about the professional plussize industry and not about the consumer! Do not get me wrong: I respect and accept everyone, from size 8 till size 24!

What I have figured out is that the professional plus market is not 1!
Outsiders think it’s all the same, but it’s not.
There are many layers in this market, different goals.
I think that FAT is not healthy and I don’t want to support this.
When you are fat and you are comfortable with it, I respect and accept that!

Fat is not fashion and isn’t working in the high end market.
I focus on the INBETWEENIES! The INBETWEENIES are the girls who also present the plussize clothes.

The high end plussize models are professional. These girls are healthy and they can compete the market of the straight size models.

Don’t forget that there are many differences in the ‘plussize market’.
The INBETWEENIES are the forgotten girls in this world! Look around you
and you will see many of these beauties!

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