‘fat should not be in fashion’

The same as too skinny, I think too fat is also unhealthy. And I think the fashion industry should not promote under-and overweight. The ‘FAT discussion’ is going on.
On health at every size blog they write about fat as a negative word. I also think it’s very negative. Full figured sounds better. But still I think it’s not good to promote obesity.
The opposite is: you don’t want to promote anorexia.

In Australia there also is a discussion about FAT in the fashion going on.
During fashionweek Sydney, there was also a plussize show.
On The Australian an article about ‘Plussize models are making us fat’ This must be a reaction of skinny-promoters! A very negative article about plussize Fashionshow. See the Item on Channel Nine

‘BIG can be beautiful, but fat should not be in fashion’

There is a place for women of all sizes in the fashion media, as seen by the positive response to a plus-size shoot with Lawley in this month’s Vogue Australia, but obese models send just as irresponsible a message about the need for healthy eating and exercise as models with protruding clavicles and ribcages.

I think diversity in the fashion industry is good, but more like a healthy diversity! That’s why I would love to see runways with models in healthy size from 36-46 (EU). And not promoting too skinny and fat!
And again I think there should be more and more shows by inbetweenies, the everage of women all over the world! And more ‘real size models’ in magazines and media.

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