Feel good women in Cosmopolitan!


Do you remember my article about the photoshoot for Cosmopolitan NL? This issue came out recently! I am so proud I’m in the ‘Body Issue’. All about being proud of yourself, health and about what men think about the bodies of women. And for the first time is ‘Queen of the inbetweenies’ Robyn Lawley features in a Dutch magazine, in this one!

I am very proud to be in a magazine together with her! My production is about ‘feel good women’. Title: ‘these women let you shine’. My quote: ‘looking good has NOTHING to do with a size’. The only thing important is to be ‘happy with your body’. That’s the essence of my mission. Love yourself, accept your body and your size…. be confident, be proud!!!


This is the page with me!

My quote: ‘looking good has NOTHING to do with a size.’


The essence of this issue: ‘Happy with your body!’

My quote: ‘To give every woman the feeling that she is great just the way she is. In every possible size.’

Not a published picture, but I really like it!

Photographer of these great pictures is Anne Timmer.


  • Great article. This brings fashion and beauty back to what it should be about: feeling good and looking great as a result, instead of trying to pursue this the other way round which leads to disappointment and negative energy. Many (young) women are still stuck in this reversed treadmill, making them feel unhappy and not appreciating their unique beauty that is waiting to come out and shine. Pretty from the inside out is the eternal beauty everyone was looking for and never realised they already owned it;) All your efforts Edith, the things you say and articles like this are making the world a prettier place, and more fun too.

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