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When I look into my closet, I have a lot of bras in different colors. Most of them I bought in the USA. Many are from Victoria’s secret, oh yes… even available in my size! I also have some from Lane Bryant, a plussize shop where I shop especially for their bras. Even when the personal shoppers look at me: “we don’t carry your size.” Oh, yes… you do!

And now I got this great oppertunity to get advice from a real lingerie specialist who has been trained by Van de Velde in The Netherlands. I am all open for advice and will put my own wisdom on the side.

After a short chat with Dominique, I disappear into the dressingroom very quickly. I undress myself and keep on my underwear. Then I hear Dominique ask me to come in. It feels like I am with my doctor when she’s doing some ‘checkpoints’ with my bra. She warns me just before she touches me that her hands are very cold. She has got a huge tape measure and measures my size. And the result is the size I always use.
Very important with a bra is that the band size is correct and stays horizontal. When I look into the mirror I see that my back is pulling up. The band is way too wide for me. I am wearing the straps way too tight, because now I can lift my boobs. And the consequences of this can be either bended shoulders, or the straps pushing too tightly into my shoulders, and you will always notice this.

Together with Dominique:

Then she checks my cups. I am wearing a formed bra and wearing this, the size difference will be noticed easier. Even here my bra fails, this one is way too loose and too big for me. But I always love ‘not feeling’ I am wearing a bra. This one doesn’t do anything for me. Hmmmm… There is no support at all and that’s the main reason to wear a bra: to give perfect support to your breasts. Now I am one of the 70% of women wearing the wrong size bra! Okay okay… I am convinced! Come on with all your advice and please show me some ‘models’!


Dominique is leaving the dressing room, this one got the award for ‘best dressing room in The Netherlands’. Then she arrives with the best model from Prima Donna. This one has a 3 pieces cup and will create a beautiful natural shape breast. I must admit I am not really used to it, the size fit me correctly immediately! It feels a bit like Madonna in her Jean Paul Gaultier bustier. Extremely pointed. But this is not weird. I just got to get used to these pre formed bras. These have a round shape. The pointed ones are more the natural breast shape. And there’s a very positive thing about the pointed shape. The breasts are more in the middle and ‘point’ a little more in, and this makes you look thinner. There is more space at your waist. Wow! This effect is amazing!


I am still watching myself in the mirror and I am getting used to these pointy breasts more and more. There’s Dominique again with the ‘classic’ one. It’s the Deauville. This is most populair model worn by women 65 years and up! I am a little too young for this one! I called it the ‘scary white ghost’! It’s a very high shape in the color white with some lace. “No, I am not going to wear this!” But to experience how it will fit, I tried this one. I have to admit, the shape was very good, but no sex-appeal at all! Yes, I do like ladylike and granny style. But this a little too much!

This is the ‘classic’ model Deauville:


I try the ‘stayer’ from the collection. This is the Prima Donna Madison. This is a bra which will always stay in the collection, every time they provide it in different colors. I am wearing the peach color. The shape is very good. Again because of the 3 parts cup. It feels so much better than my pre formed bras, the ones I am used to. I think I have changed my mind and will follow Dutch celebrity Marijke Hellwegen her motto. Duckface lips and lift your breasts! I am a natural duckface and thanks to the great shape of Prima Donna my breasts will get a lift!

The ‘stayer’ Prima Donna Madison in peach color:

And reading the book: temptation, the history of Prima Donna.

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