Fill the GAP….between regular and plus size!


GAP, not really my style… but I think it’s great news they will come in larger sizes. Online they will go up to a size 50 EU/20 US. They just extended from the small sizes. And not creating a plus size division, which is great for the inbetweenies! They fill the GAP between regular and plus size. I just don’t get why it’s only online. I think if they put a larger size in the shops, many women would come in to shop! GAP is not my style… but I love these trousers… maybe I just should give them a try?



  • They used to sell the larger sizes in their shops and they always sold out very quickly. I don't understand why they only offer them online now. Makes no sense.

    • I had the same problem when ordering shirts from The Gap! I also do not understand why they do not carry larger sizes in the stores. They have the bigger sizes online, but they always run out of the colors I want or even the size I need fast! Boo! : P

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