Flair Belgium goes for size diversity!

Size diversity news! The most popular magazine of Belgium, Flair is going to show more larger sizes in their magazine! Our neighbours are showing some guts to start this size revolution! And it’s about time.
Editor Tine Trappers: ‘Our readers know that overweight and obese are not good, but healthy is the new sexy’.

No, normal women in magazines doesn’t work, Brigitte Magazine showed that. But models in size diversity will work. I really believe in this! Fashion is about dreams & illusion and yes, it CAN be in different sizes. They use the slogan: f*ck the ideal sizes! But what is ideal? I would have said: time for size diversity! So Dutch Flair, are you going to follow?

Dutch inbetweenie Carola Bremmer (size 40-42) from Ego’s Models on the cover.


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