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Check how this dress is on me!


Gorgeous model Justine Legault is the new face for MS Mode. She is in the new campaign for this brand and she shows a fantastic hourglass shape dress. The same dress, curvy barbie is wearing. So cool… MS mode sent me the dress and the barbie! I am soon happy.. happy as a child. You can follow the campaign from MS mode with the curvy barbie dollop social media this week. #followCurvyBarbie and you can win this summer dress!

I am wearing a size 44 EU… and as you might know… I am not a size 44 EU anymore… I am more a 46-48 EU. But this dress size is perfect for me! So.. you can wear a size or two smaller as usual!

Another thing about this dress. This is not a dress you are used to see on me… but… this shape is magic for me. I feel soon feminine in this.. really… as you can see on the pictures and in the video! I feel sexy, comfy…
I am wearing a shape wear dress underneath… to shape it even more!

Check out the video:


ms mode dress




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