Ford Models published a book with curves

With a range of models from a size 10 to a 16, Ford + brought together some of their most sought-after and emerging curvy girls in a new book showcasing their beauty. Photographed by Taghi Naderzad, the book includes stunning photos of models like Inga Eiriksdottir, McKenzie Raley, Leah Kelley, Alyona Osmanova, and Michelle Olsen.

Ford has turned models like Crystal Renn and Tara Lynn into two of the most wanted curvy models, and it’s with this same excitement to promote curvy bodies and a range of body-types that this book has created a great response in the fashion world. It’s not surprising that Ford is among the highest quality producers of plus-size talent when the agency is setting new standards by investing in their growing Plus division.

Gary Dakin, the head of Ford’s plus division, said that Ford “wanted to show the beauty of these girls without mentioning size.” The approach is refreshing in a climate where a model’s thinness or curves are often exaggerated and brought to the forefront of many fashion images. Each of the girls are presented in a way that highlights their natural beauty, with relaxed, casual styling and a lack of fussy hair or make-up.

With top agencies like Ford on board to promote and invest in body diversity in fashion, we can be more hopeful to see similar values echoed in body representation by prestige brands.

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