Front row app during Amsterdam Fashion Week


I remember my 1st runway in Paris… 10 years ago. I just finished my trainee ship at Viva magazine and I arranged a trip to Paris, during fashion week. Of course I did not get many invitations to shows. I just started and was a ‘nobody’, haha! But I was wearing my fashionable outfit and got the whole schedule where what show would be.

The first I really got in, without a ticket was Chloe. OMG… finally I got through the body guards at the opening. There are always men in black with red ties, blocking the doors. Only invited people are welcome. Finally inside, it was in a big tent on a big square nearby the Eiffeltower. I entered and I found a place to sit down. Of course someone else’s place. Sitting and almost crying from happiness. A young fashionista being at the first time runway in my life. Of course I will never forget. In that time internet was not that big yet and bloggers were not even ‘born’… LOL. Every journalist and editor had to come and see the show ‘in real’.

Nowadays it’s so different. It’s great to see the runway show ‘live’, but 10 minutes later you already can check it online. Sometimes there are live stream catwalk shows, which you can see directly on your computer or your phone. And that’s absolutely amazing! This year, during Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) Vodafone comes with an app. And with this you can’t miss any runway because of the livestreams on this app, which is working from 6th of July. And now even YOU can sit ‘front row’ and pretend you are Anna Wintour and enjoy the show. Isn’t that just great? You can download this FREE APP here!

The 19th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week will be from July 6th – 16th, check out the schedule! I will visit some shows in Amsterdam, but the days I can’t go I will check them with this app!. Pretending I am Anna Wintour or sitting next to her. Oh, by the way: She will not visit Amsterdam for Fashion Week..


By the way: YOU can win some tickets for the opening show of MaryMe JimmyPaul… so cool to be a guest at the opening evening.. most of the ‘important fashion crowd’ is there! You can spot some Dutch celebs and the best editors! And… YOU can run in to me! I will be there that night! Woop whoop! Excited!

Check out Vodafone Facebook and maybe YOU can sit front row at Amsterdam Fashion Week. And.. I hope.. some day… I will sit next to Anna and have a chat with her.. front row!


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